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13th Annual Gala: Celebration in the Heart of the City

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Tickets are on sale now for CCL’s biggest event of the year!  Be a part of our tradition of celebration and fun, and buy yours now.  Click here to find ticket pricing and more information: CCL Tickets

You Can Be a Bridge


“I walked in afraid, wondering will I complete the class …. It feels like victory.  It feels like I’ve conquered and returned to the real me.  Through all the ordeals I’ve gone through, you lose yourself and this is like really putting me back together again.  I know that in six months I’ll be working in IT.  In a year, I’ll definitely be going to
school too, getting more certifications, more education.  IT is a big field and its growing and I want to be a part of it. “–Levert*, Pilot IT Bridge Initiative Graduate
*name changed

You can be a bridge. You can close the gap between a job and a career, between just scraping by to making ends meet, from doubt to confidence. All that is needed is an investment today.

Want to support this program?  Attend our 13th Annual Gala to not only contribute, but to celebrate with us, and to learn more about our work!

Connecting to Careers: CCL Leads on IT Career Pathways in Partnership