Staff and Leadership

Pamela Izvanariu, Executive Director: A Chicago native, Pamela’s research and professional practice as a lawyer, consultant and scholar focus on the nexus between labor and employment, social inequalities and equity, economic security, immigration, criminal justice, and families. Consistent with CCL’s mission, her professional efforts aim to improve the lives of, and policies and programs that impact vulnerable and marginalized communities. She has made significant contributions as a thought leader, impacting public policy and informing public opinion. In her practice, both as a consultant and a lawyer, Pamela is also an accomplished bridge builder: she has successfully brought together institutions, individuals, and organizations that may not otherwise collaborate. She has worked extensively in the field of philanthropy, working directly for and consulting for funders and heading development efforts for institutions seeking funding.

 AcanalosAlexis Canalos, Program Director: Alexandra (Alexis) is the Director of Programs at Center for Changing Lives, leading the organization’s economic opportunity services designed to increase client access to resource and financial opportunities. Alexis has overseen CCL’s expansion of financial resources and products available to clients and developed new programs to meet client need. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago with a concentration in Community Development, and spent her six years prior to her current positions in labor and community organizing and issue-based advocacy work.

Employee Title
Castaneda, Lissette Community Engagement Manager
Escobar, Peter Employment Coach
Kopp, Paul IT Coach
Lewis, Chanel Digital Literacy Coach
Luna, Ed AmeriCorps Vista
Michelson, Joanna Career Advancement Coach
Mora, Gabby Manager of Administration
Rahravan, Leila Employment Coach
Rodriguez, Imelda Housing and Financial Coach
Velazquez, Jeanette Early Childhood Initiative Financial Coaching Coordinator
Villalobos, Kayla Resource and Connection Coordinator
Zayas, Natalie Housing and Financial Coach