Who We Are



We are a community of partners and peers working to honor our values!



Core Values:

Innovation: We believe in continuously learning, improving and evolving.  Therefore, we practice flexibility and creativity to find more principled and effective individual, organizational, and community solutions that will expand access to opportunities and better reflect our values and vision.

Poder (Spanish, meaning noun: power and verb: to be able to): We believe in the inherent worth of each person and in their innate ability to overcome their own challenges.  Therefore we approach participants as peers and partners, working together to enhance their capacity to achieve their vision for their own life.

Economic Justice: We believe everyone has the right to lead a full and abundant life.  Therefore, we promote equal access to and allocation of opportunities and resources; advocate for the personal and structural changes needed for equity to flourish; and encourage the radical acts of sharing that open doors to opportunity and lift all people.

Solidarity: We believe in celebrating and fostering mutual understanding of the beliefs, aspirations, and values represented in our diverse community.  Therefore, we build relationships across boundaries and differences in order to learn from, encourage, support, share with, and nurture one another.

Accountability: We believe that we are all responsible for living out our promise and potential. Therefore, we hold ourselves, the individuals and communities that we work with, and institutions responsible for the stewardship, learning, change, and outcomes necessary to fulfill our personal and corporate aspirations and obligations.