Supporting Our Work

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Center for Changing Lives believes in radical acts of sharing: sharing of your time, your talents, your resources – yourself – with others.  By doing so, we make investments whose return is a community where everyone thrives.

Express your interest in any of these opportunities by contacting us here.

Make an Investment in Changing Lives

CCL’s work is primarily financial and one way that our community can express support for our work is through sharing their financial resources with us by making a tax deductible investment in our little agency making a big impact!

  • $50 means a client can receive financial coaching at the shelter where s/he’s staying.
  • $100 means a client can receive the 5 hours of coaching needed to enroll in CCL’s job placement services.
  • $250 means a client can access financial assistance to remain housed.
  • $500 supports a client’s participation in a Lending Circle, a asset and credit building social loan program provided in partnership with Mission Asset Fund.
  • $1,000 supports one month of digital literacy classes benefiting 25 clients who gain access to computers to build resumes, apply for jobs, and enhance their digital skills.

Share Your Knowledge and Skills

CCL Connectors is a group of leaders building bridges internally and externally in order to connect people, mobilize resources, and advocate for expanded opportunities. CCL’s Board of Directors is a group of leaders shaping CCL’s future and ensuring its sustainability. the Board of Directors stewards CCL to fulfill its mission and vision.solidarity

Share Resources

Join Resource Up! or find CCL on Benevolent. Both ways make your giving personal by helping a CCL client achieve the goal they’ve set, with the help of their Coach. You can search for Center for Changing Lives on or express your interest in any of these opportunities by contacting us here.