Resource Development Coaching

In the last three years, 253 people obtained 606 income supports 
(mainstream benefits), the annualized value of which was $260,441.44.

Resource Development Coaching mobilizes capital in its many forms – networks, relationships, skill and knowledge – to build participant capacity to achieve the financial change they seek. Resource Development Coaching connects participants to relevant people, resource and opportunity and mobilizes non-financial resources like social and relational capital to improve participants’ circumstances and move them towards their vision for their life.

Domains of Resource Development Coaching can be as broad as needed to address areas where developing resources and capacities would enhance goal attainment.

One on One Resource Development includes:

  • Discovery and joint exploration of participants’ strengths and competencies
  • Assessment of current resource domains
  • Facilitating the development of participants’ visions, outcomes, action plans and accountability structures
  • Mobilization and application of resources to the action plans as agreed, inclusive of:
    • Internal provision of mainstream benefits,
    • Access to financial and in-kind resources,
    • Skill and knowledge building, including class and club enrollments.
    • Access and connections to pro-bono and specialized resources around financial, legal, immigration, medical and other professional areas.

The principal tool used in Resource Development Coaching is Resource Up! A Crowd(re)sourcing Network, a peer to peer network comprised of participants, volunteers, and donors where needed resources are identified and shared between CCL brokered matches.

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