By the Numbers

The goal of one on one coaching is to build
households’ capacities to achieve their financial goals.


CCL utilizes key indicators to measure increased financial capability and stability, including increases in net worth, net income and credit score.  However, CCL also utilizes other indicators to enhance the full picture of the successes participants achieve while working with staff: These indicators may include the number of households served that set and achieve goals, increase their knowledge & skills, get banked, implement a savings plan, access a credit or asset building tool like a Twin Account or Lending Circle or a secured credit card through a financial coach.

Between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2014, 767 people received financial opportunity services.

  • 580 people received follow-up financial assessment to determine the impact of coaching.
  • 564 received integrated services (a combination of employment, resource development and financial coaching).
  • 71% (414 people) improved their financial position.
  • 43% (234 people) improved their net worth, paying down debts and increasing assets.
  • 38% (206 people) improved their credit score, meaning improved access to services, products, housing and employment.
  • 73% (164 people) of those who engaged in employment and income services improved their net income, resulting in increased capacity to make ends meet.

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