Innovative Programs


The focus of all CCL’s programs is partnering with members of our community to build their capacity to mobilize resource and economic opportunity and, ultimately, achieve their goals and vision for their life. 

CCL regularly works with neighbors to address their basic needs and their most complex obstacles. Whether the goal is to find a way to pay a past due bill, find an apartment, obtain employment, open a bank account, purchase a mode of transportation or eventually to buy a house, CCL utilizes a progressive goal attainment model to build capacity. Through CCL’s work, people are supported as they develop resources, obtain employment and career advances, and achieve financial goals to address that which is holding them back from achieving their vision for their life.

Additionally, those who engage our work as volunteers, donors, and partners are approached as partners and peers with their own goals, aspirations and challenges. While they may not engage one on one coaching, many are also wrestling with the same issues and curious how to engage economic policy issues. Whether the goal is to continue their own financial journey, contribute to the lives of others, or better understand the realities of income inequality, CCL utilizes coaching and training to build their capacity. Through CCL’s work, all members of the community are supported as they discern how to use their resources to achieve their financial goals and to practice economic justice, which lifts all people.

As a result of CCL’s work, community members increase their income, improve their credit, build assets and develop the skills and capacities needed to achieve their vision for their life. All members of the community clarify their goals and vision for themselves, their community, and the world we live in and are provided opportunities to act consistently with those aspirations and visions. All have a greater capacity for choice and more opportunities to focus on their long term goals, not simply their immediate circumstances, to be guided by their aspirations, not their fears.