CCL Connectors

I Share - Sophia

Connectors build bridges internally and externally in order to connect people, mobilize resources, and advocate for expanded opportunities.

Connectors shape opportunities to learn from one another on complicated issues such as student loans, predatory lending, credit and wages, and create opportunities for all members of CCL’s community to lead and advocate for a more just society.

Launched with CCL’s 2014 On the Table event – a series of conversations, convened by the Chicago Community Trust,  that were held Citywide on May 12th to share our stories of philanthropy – CCL Connectors began by exploring how radical acts of sharing could change our community.

Throughout 2014 the conversation continues: Connectors will host “fishbowls” –  workshops that include both knowledge-sharing leaders with experience or expertise and large group discussion for further learning and dialogue – on financial topics of interest to our community.

To learn more about joining CCL Connectors, please contact us here.